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Bannatyne Health Clubs

Bannatyne Health Clubs are located nationwide, with centres everywhere from Edinburgh to London. Here at Grease Gone, we’ve been working with Bannatyne Health Clubs for quite some time, attending all of their UK based leisure centres, to accommodate their commercial cleaning requirements. As their chosen commercial cleaning company, we take care of all kitchen extract cleaning, covering all cafes and restaurants.

As we provide our services UK wide, it means that we can accommodate every one of their sites. This makes it easier for Bannatyne Health Clubs, as they only have to deal with one trusted company for all of their kitchen extraction cleaning needs. It also means we have a comprehensive database that tracks and monitors every one of their locations, allowing us to notify them as and when ventilation cleaning has been done and needs to be carried out in the future.

We Provide The Flexible Service They Need

We provide a very hands-on approach, dealing with each and every site manager directly to ensure their ventilation cleaning services are booked in as and when needed. This ensures the process is seamless and efficient, reducing the chance of interruptions for a company that already has a lot on their plates day-to-day. With our regular monitoring and database notifications, they can trust in Grease Gone to keep on top of their cleaning schedule, worry-free.

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Whats Included With Our Services

As part of our service, we monitor the grease thickness at every service. This allows us to check the cleaning frequency, keeping track that it’s as it should be or whether we need to alter it to cater for more/less grease build up. This allows us to assess whether each site is compliant with industry regulations not only after our service but in-between services too.

Following each service, we provide each estate management team with a full report, including photographic evidence and certification to show that the systems have been cleaned and certified to TR19 standards. We also make note of any access panels that have been fitted during our service, as we carry an assortment of panels with us to each site. This allows us to take care of any access panels needing attention without disrupting estate management teams. 

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We Take Care Of All Bannatyne Health Clubs

We ensure that every aspect of our service takes a weight off our client’s shoulders and Bannatyne Health Clubs are no exception as they entrust every single one of their sites in our hands. 

We provide a first-class service, nationwide, taking care of all ventilation and ductwork system maintenance, along with full reports to ensure they have proof that they’re taken care of and remain compliant with current regulations. 

This allows each estate manager to focus on more pressing issues, as they trust our professional team to take care of a crucial service time and again.

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