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Commercial Oven
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Commercial Oven Cleaning 

Here at Grease Gone, we can provide specialist commercial oven cleaning services throughout London and Nationwide. Our oven cleaning services can be utilised alone or as part of our commercial cleaning services and can be offered at a time and date that’s convenient for you.

Our teams are specially trained to cater to your every need, from commercial ovens to ranges, fryers, steamers, grills and other similar appliances to ensure your cooking equipment is clean, disinfected and ready for use.

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But Our Expertise Focus On Providing Commercial Oven Cleaning Services For:

The Importance Of Regular Oven Cleaning

Without regular oven cleaning, you could find yourself falling foul of the law as well as putting your workforce and inevitably your customers at risk. If not cleaned properly, grease and other substances will inevitably build up. This can not only pose a huge fire risk, but can also compromise food safety. 

Here at Grease Gone however, we make use of the very best equipment possible, including professional deep cleaning solutions to ensure your ovens look as good as new.

We’ll remove carbon, fat and grease deposits from all cooking equipment and we’ll do so through thorough and efficient cleans, thanks to our incredible team, who’ll tackle each item and each component individually.

Why Choose
Grease Gone?

Thorough Service – Not only have we been able to hand-pick the finest team available, but we also boast the very best equipment, cleaning solutions and cleaning techniques, to ensure we provide you with a first-class finish. From the solid body of your ovens to the internal shelving, trays and windows. We’ll ensure no stone is left unturned, and that your ovens meet required regulations.

Flexibility – We pride ourselves on offering not only a thorough service, but a flexible service too. We understand the importance of working around you, whether that means evenings, weekends or totally out of hours. Our teams are here to work around you and provide you with the flexibility you need to reduce hassle and disruption as much as possible.

Affordability – We know that everyone has a budget which is why we do our best to provide the most affordable services possible. Whether you choose to utilise our oven cleaning services alone or use them as part of a much larger cleaning service, you can trust in Grease Gone to provide you with the most competitive price out there.

Compliance – Not only are our teams highly trained in providing cleaning services but they’re also fully up to date on industry guidelines and regulations, which means you can entrust us to ensure you’re up to code. If you’re not, we’ll show you what you need to do to get there. We’ll also provide you with certification and documents, for insurance and inspection purposes.

For more information on our oven cleaning services, please don’t hesitate to contact us today on 020 88663 413.

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Commercial Oven Cleaning FAQS

What is the best way to clean a commercial oven?

The best method for cleaning a commercial oven involves a combination of thorough manual cleaning and the use of appropriate cleaning agents. Start by removing any large debris and then apply a commercial-grade oven cleaner, specifically designed for the type of oven you have (e.g., convection, pizza, or industrial ovens). Use non-abrasive tools like soft brushes or sponges to avoid damaging surfaces. For hard-to-reach areas, specialised brushes or cleaning wands can be employed. Regular cleaning is crucial to maintain hygiene standards and efficient oven operation.

What do professionals use to clean ovens?

Professional oven cleaners typically use high-strength cleaning solutions that are more effective and efficient than those available for domestic use. These might include alkaline-based degreasers, caustic soda-based cleaners, or eco-friendly, non-toxic alternatives. Professionals also employ tools like scrapers, heavy-duty brushes, and steam cleaners to effectively remove grease and burnt-on residue. The specific products and tools used can vary depending on the type of oven and the level of cleaning required.

How do restaurants clean their ovens?

In addition to their daily routine of wiping down the interior and exterior to remove grease and food debris, restaurants often rely on professional cleaning companies for deeper cleans. These deep cleaning sessions, typically scheduled on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, involve the use of commercial-grade oven cleaners and degreasers. Professional cleaning companies have the expertise and specialised equipment to thoroughly clean ovens, including dismantling and cleaning removable parts like racks and trays. Their services are crucial for reaching difficult areas and ensuring a level of cleanliness that meets the high standards required in commercial kitchens. This professional approach not only maintains hygiene and safety standards but also extends the lifespan and efficiency of the ovens.

Is it worth getting an oven professionally cleaned?

Absolutely. Professional cleaning extends the life of your oven by preventing the build-up of grease and burnt-on food, which can cause wear and tear over time. Professionals can also reach areas that are typically hard to clean, ensuring a thorough job. This not only improves the oven’s efficiency and performance but also ensures compliance with health and safety standards. For commercial kitchens, where ovens are used extensively, professional cleaning is a worthwhile investment for maintaining high hygiene standards and operational efficiency.

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