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Kitchen Ducting:
When You Need A Deep Clean

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Importance of
Kitchen Ducting Cleaning

Most restaurant owners will understand the importance of a regular cleaning schedule for their commercial kitchen. Keeping all areas, from cookware to surfaces spotlessly clean is crucial for optimum hygiene but there’s one area in particular that may need additional attention and that’s your ventilation system. 

It’s important to ensure your commercial kitchen’s ventilation system is professionally cleaned for a number of reasons. These include:

  • Preventing the build up of grease and bacteria within your extraction system which would prevent it from ensuring a fresh air flow.
  • Ensuring you adhere to the Regulatory Reform (fire safety) Order 2005 in which it states your extraction system must become part of your fire risk assessment with necessary action taken.
  • Ensuring you don’t breach the Environmental Health Regulations which would ultimately invalidate your insurance.
  • Preventing the risk of fire.
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How Often Should You Clean Your Kitchen Ventilation System?

To help those with commercial kitchens, there are of course general guidelines that one can stick to in order to ensure their ductwork is clean. While these are general, it’s worth noting:

  • Ductwork – this can vary from every 3 months to every 12 months. The frequency you need will depend on the use, whether yours undergoes heavy use (12-16 hours a day), moderate use (6 – 12 hours a day) or light use (2 – 6 hours a day).
  • Extractor Hoods & Filters – while these should be cleaned and degreased daily, these should be tended to regularly by a professional cleaner roughly every 3 – 5 months. Cooking should never be carried out unless there is a filter in place.

Avoid Fire Hazards
With Regular Cleaning

The prevention of fire is perhaps one of the most important aspects of kitchen ventilation system cleaning for the simple fact that around 70% of fires in commercial kitchens actually originate from the ventilation system. Why? It’s all down to a build up of grease and fat. Add on the environmental health hazards that come with a build up of grease within our ventilation systems due to poor air quality and it’s easy to see the importance of regular deep cleaning. The question is, how often should you be cleaning these systems?

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How A Professional Cleaning Company Can Help

While these are of course general guidelines, it’s worth noting that a professional commercial cleaning company such as Grease Gone, one of the UK’s leading commercial cleaning companies, can actually provide you with a much more personalised time table.

By tending to your commercial kitchen on a regular basis, Grease Gone will be able to measure the build up of grease and provide you with a specific timetable. This won’t just ensure your kitchen ventilation system is cleaned regularly but will ensure it’s cleaned as and when needed. This ensures a more cost-effective approach for you as the owner. 

If you’d like more information on kitchen ventilation system cleaning, please don’t hesitate to contact Grease Gone today on 020 88663 413.

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