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Quarantine Cleaning

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Importance of Quarantine Cleaning

From February 15th, UK and Irish residents landing in England from countries on the ‘red list’ will need to quarantine in a specified hotel room for 10 days upon their return back to the UK.

Before landing in the UK, those intending to return will need to book their hotel room through a dedicated portal online and pay in advance for what will be their ‘quarantine package’.

This will include transport to their chosen facility, COVID testing as well as food and drinks. Each person will pay £1750 per stay and will have the choice of staying in 16 different hotels in the UK.

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What Can We Do For You?

As well as regular commercial cleaning and decontaminating, ensuring your entire hotel is cleaned top to bottom, we can also provide antiviral fogging sanitisation services.

Fogging can be utilised each evening to disinfect corridors and communal areas. Not only will this ensure these areas are completely disinfected but they’ll ensure they remain a hostile environment for the virus for a prolonged period of time thereafter.

Along with disinfecting corridors and communal areas to ensure staff are safe as they continue to aid those in quarantine, we can also provide a full disinfection service on multiple rooms following the stay of guests.

This will mean rooms are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, and most importantly ready for the next occupant upon their arrival back to the UK.

We Can Provide:

ATP Testing and Disinfection Services

Flexible & Affordable

Quarantine Cleaning Services

Here at Grease Gone we have you covered, regardless of when, where or how often you need us.

We pride ourselves on being not only flexible, attending your premises out of hours should you need, but also affordable. We have you covered with a range of services that will ensure your premises are cleaned and disinfected to the very highest standards.

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