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Commercial Extractor Fan Cleaning Services

Kitchen Grease Extract Cleaning,

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Why Do You Need a Kitchen Grease Extract Clean?

No matter how efficient your ventilation system, there is no way of preventing grease accumulation in your ventilation ductwork, canopies and extractor fans over time without a professional deep clean. Ensuring your ventilation is clean will not only help reduce any health and safety risks, but it also reduces the risk of fire and improves the efficiency of your kitchen.

At Grease Gone we offer specialist commercial kitchen extractor fan cleaning services, which involve removing highly combustible grease and carbon deposits from internal surfaces of your ventilation system. All cleaning is done inline with BESA’s TR19 guidelines.

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Why is commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning essential?

Regular cleaning by experts is crucial as grease buildup in kitchen exhaust systems poses a fire risk. Over time, these systems accumulate grease layers, necessitating professional maintenance to ensure safety.

We tailor our ventilation cleaning packages to each business

Our ventilation deep cleaning services include

  • Internal cleaning of ventilation ductwork
  • Cleaning of intake and extract grills
  • A deep clean of all ventilation canopies
  • Fitting of access panels when required
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The importance of Kitchen Grease Extract Cleaning

Extraction duct cleaning is vital to ensure ventilation systems in your premises remain effective and efficient. Good air quality is not only important for safeguarding the welfare of your staff, but it is also a requirement under UK law.

Ventilation deep cleaning will ensure good airflow within your restaurant, bar or events space, which in turn improves the experience for your customers and staff, whilst also reducing the fire risk throughout your premises.

Did you know: Many insurance companies stipulate that regular ventilation cleaning must be carried out in order to validate cover.

How often should I have my
Ventilation cleaned?

Intervals between regular commercial kitchen extraction cleaning depend on usage. The table evidence the minimum recommended intervals according to the BESA’s TR19 cleaning  best practice guidance.

The table assists in assessing the requirements for cleaning frequency, particularly where cooking methods produce high volumes of airborne grease contaminants.

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J&I Grease Gone’s

Our proven and flexible approach to kitchen extract deep cleaning has won us a reputation for excellence with businesses around the country. Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, our cleaners deliver outstanding results at a time that suits each individual client, so we can keep disruption to an absolute minimum.

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Grease Gone’s Cleaning Process

To create results that meet our exacting commercial extraction cleaning standards, our operatives use a selection of specialist equipment and cleaning solutions. Many of the substances used are exclusively formulated for Grease Gone operatives to allow for incomparably thorough cleans, including our professional-grade degreasers, heavy-duty oven cleaners and caustic soda.

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Grease Gone post clean report

But our service doesn’t stop after the clean; we go on to provide a full report, including photographic evidence of the work done. Included in this is a schematic of the ventilation, which outlines all of the components of the ventilation and extraction system such as access doors, turning vanes, fan units, silencers etc.

As well as highlighting the areas that have been cleaned, the schematic also highlights any areas of the extractor fan system that need to be made more accessible during subsequent cleans. Any accessibility recommendations made by our grease hygiene technicians will automatically be carried out by our operatives during the subsequently booked in service.

J&I Grease Gone
booking procedure

The process of arranging a kitchen extract deep cleaning with Grease Gone couldn’t be easier.

Please see how our booking system works


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You will then be prompted to select a service you require

Select your Service

Kitchen Deep Cleaning and/or Kitchen Grease Extract Cleaning.

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Post Service

Grease Gone will send you a certificate and post clean report

Recurring Booking

Two weeks prior to next recommended clean date, Grease Gone office staff will call you to confirm the next booking

Grease Gone

On completion, Grease Gone also send you a certification stating that the system has been cleaned in conformity with BESA’s TR19 best practice guidelines for you to demonstrate to your insurers. With our certification and reports, you can trust that the job has been done right.

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Important Steps And FAQ’s
to prepare for YOUR
Kitchen Grease Extract clean

What do I need to do to prepare for a kitchen grease extract clean?

We have taken the time to create an easy to read FAQ’s that will
help us and you get the professional service you deserve!
Click the link below to learn more.

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