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Important Steps
To Prepare For Your Kitchen Deep Clean

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We Answer Some 
Frequently Asked Questions

Kitchen deep cleans are a necessary service for all commercial kitchens in order to ensure they’re not just clean but up to code. In order to carry out your kitchen deep clean, it’s imperative we have access to your kitchen and your space, therefore making sure equipment is away or even out of the kitchen would certainly make our job a lot easier.

If that’s not possible however, this is something we can plan in with our kitchen deep clean to reduce any hassle or unnecessary stress on your part. We understand that before a deep clean, certainly if you’ve not had one before, many of you have questions, which is why we’ve listed below some FAQ’s that should answer your queries.

Kitchen Deep Cleaning

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Do I need to be there while you’re cleaning?

This isn’t necessary as we can pick up and drop off keys should we need to. It’s also imperative that you aren’t there, especially when carrying out antiviral fogging as people need to be wearing PPE in order to stay protected from the cleaning solutions.

How often should I have my facility deep cleaned?

This will depend greatly on the level of use your kitchen receives however generally speaking we advise every twelve months. During the current times however, with COVID-19, we would advise this frequency is increased to every 6 months.

Will you provide all cleaning materials or will I need to supply them?

Our teams will arrive with all cleaning materials, equipment and solutions so you have no need to supply us with anything.

Will you provide me with certification?

We’ll provide you with the necessary certification for you to have on file and subsequently show at spot checks from the HSE and local authorities. 

Can you clean my commercial ovens as well as ventilation systems?

We will clean every square inch of your kitchen, from your appliances to your ventilation systems and more. 

Do you offer antiviral fogging?

We can carry out antiviral fogging on its own or even as a last treatment following a deep kitchen clean to provide an extra level of cleaning and protection.

Is it safe to use antiviral fogging in a kitchen environment?

It is indeed safe to use this type of cleaning in a kitchen environment, as long as the solution is left to dry before people reenter the space without PPE. It also provides all surfaces with additional protection and a rather hostile environment for the virus for a period of time following application, further helping to reduce the spread of the virus.

What if I forget to book you in for the next clean?

We can make things super easy for you by letting you know when you need to have us attend next. We’ll even contact you and arrange everything.

Do you clean in my area?

We can provide deep kitchen cleaning all throughout the UK.

Are your prices competitive?

We try to provide the most affordable services possible, with incredible competitive prices and we do so by ensuring all services are met in-house, no subcontracting and therefore no high prices.

What is a commercial kitchen deep clean?

A commercial kitchen deep clean involves a thorough cleaning of all areas of a commercial kitchen, including hard-to-reach areas, equipment, and surfaces that are not typically cleaned during regular maintenance. This includes cleaning of ovens, grills, refrigeration units, floors, walls, and ceilings.

How long does a commercial kitchen deep clean take?

The duration of a deep clean can vary depending on the size of the kitchen and the extent of cleaning required. However, it can typically take anywhere from a few hours to a full day.

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