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Hospital Cleaning

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Importance of
Hospital Cleaning

Hospital cleanliness should be a top priority in every public or private facility, critical to patients’ and staff’ health and safety. Cleanliness and hygiene are essential in hospitals and medical practices more so than in other places, as it’s imperative to limit the spread of germs. In addition, many hospital-spread illnesses can endanger individuals whose health is already fragile, causing secondary and often life-threatening infections and diseases contracted while in the hospital. Therefore, high cleaning standards help save healthcare services time and money while ensuring legislation adherence.

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CQC Regulations

UK Medical facilities are required to adhere to the stringent government legislation outlined in the Health and Social Care Act 2008. This directive is in place to ensure that anyone using health and social care services will receive safe and effective care in a hospital or social care facility. The CQC monitors inspect and rates healthcare service standards while advising on improvements to align with legislation which covers premises and equipment. 


The legislation outlines that appropriate cleaning methods and agents must be employed to keep premises visibly clean, sanitary, and odour free. Practices should include a proper cleaning schedule which provides for frequent monitoring with action taken to ensure compliance with the highest possible hygiene standards, CQC Regulations, and the Code of Practice. The CQC have the power to take action to enforce appropriate cleaning methods at any health and social care facility, so get ahead of this with professional and experienced cleaners.

Our Team Offers A Entire Spectrum Of Services

As proud medical sector suppliers, we offer cleaning contracts complete with a professional and highly qualified team who always deliver the job to exceptional standards. In addition, each team member has enhanced security and DBS checks alongside sensitive data training and signed confidentiality agreements as standard.

Our training and development programme also includes infection control and Colour Coding awareness expected in the cleaning industry. This additional training ensures that our medical cleaning team will:

  • Observe all infection control practices 
  • Complete all jobs with high skills and a professional approach 
  • Always use the best products or procedures for the cleaning outcome requirements 
  • Stay polite and professional at all times 
  • Be discreet and adhere to confidentiality agreements
  • Avoid cross-contamination using NCC training
  • Interact with all people within the hospital environment according to the guidance

We also offer various services to suit each of our clients, so you can rest assured we can help in an emergency, on an ad hoc basis, or as your regular cleaning company. Our services include far more than cleaning, although that is a staple part of our job. We also provide building-wide sanitisation – including fogging – to reduce bacterial and viral load in the space. In addition, we can offer facilities management to manage all procedures and ensure your hospital runs as it should with cleaning and maintenance. We also provide services to maintain hospital safety, including fire testing, surface testing and much more. So if you have a job you need someone to do to maintain and keep your medical facility clean, we can help!

Flexible & Affordable

Cleaning Services in the Hospital Environment

Grease gone are the ideal skilled company to help improve inpatient experience and safety with efficient, professional cleaning services. We offer a complete range of hospital cleaning services, including regular cleaning, deep cleaning, thorough and complete surgical room cleaning, building-wide sanitisation and fogging. We offer dedicated services to ensure that patients, staff and visitors access the healthiest and best possible healthcare environments conducive to good health and healing. Our team is fully trained to apply our unique and quality cleaning methods to this specialist environment.


J & I Have Over 20 Years of Experience Providing Hospitals Cleaning Services

Our highly skilled and experienced cleaning team will always ensure that every hospital, medical environment, and specialised health facility we assist with is clean and hygienic every time. We know how vital cleanliness is for proper daily functioning in this environment, and that facilities need to be world-class to continue providing healthcare services. Your high standards are ours too. As a health provider, you want to rest assured that our cleaning will meet and exceed expectations and that standards will never slip, being consistent every time. This saves time and energy for the priority medical services you offer, unencumbered by mess. As a trusted cleaning company for the sector, our services are relied upon by facilities requiring maintenance and enhancement.

When you choose J&I to help your medical facility, not only will we help everything stay clean and sanitised, but we are also compliance-focused. We know the latest laws and CQC requirements, and we work to ensure the correct actions are always taken to prevent the possibility of contamination or infections by sticking to procedures enforced throughout your medical establishment, doctor’s surgery, or hospital.

We guarantee our medical team by training them thoroughly, ensuring a wealth of knowledge of health and hygiene related to the medical sector. In addition, our team has experience working with doctors and GP practices, both private and NHS hospitals, dentist offices and surgeries, plastic surgery clinics, and beauty medicine premises. This makes us confident in providing support to your facility with anything you need.

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We are passionate about what we do to help the medical sector. We work hard with clients to maintain high levels of hygiene and clinical-grade cleanliness in your hospital. Plus, we come with the bonus of being external providers rather than an in-house team which releases pressure for you to hire, train and manage your staff. For more information, speak to J&I today. Our spectrum of medical cleaning services are priced competitively, whether you require regular cleaning, emergency services, ad hoc hospital assistance, or any other specialist services we provide. 

Please reach out to our friendly and knowledgeable team today for more details. Discover with one call how our highly trained cleanliness technicians can help you ensure your patients, staff and visitors always enjoy a clean and healthy environment. We know every one of our services will meet your highest standards.

For more information on germ and virus control, as well as services available, or simply to book our expert teams in, please don’t hesitate to contact us today on 020 88663 413.

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Hospital Cleaning FAQs

What is hospital cleaning procedure?

Hospital cleaning procedures are comprehensive protocols designed to maintain a high level of hygiene and prevent the spread of infections within healthcare settings. These procedures involve routine and deep cleaning of all areas, including patient rooms, operating theatres, public areas, and staff quarters. The cleaning process includes disinfecting surfaces, floors, medical equipment, and high-touch areas like door handles and light switches using hospital-grade disinfectants. Additionally, strict protocols are followed for handling and disposing of medical waste. The frequency and intensity of cleaning depend on the specific area within the hospital, with critical areas like ICUs and operating rooms requiring more frequent and rigorous cleaning.

What is specialist cleaning in hospitals?

Specialist cleaning in hospitals refers to the cleaning of areas that require a higher level of disinfection and expertise due to the risk of infection or contamination. This includes areas like operating theatres, intensive care units, and isolation rooms. Specialist cleaning involves using advanced techniques and equipment, such as UV-C light disinfection, HEPA-filtered vacuuming, and the use of high-level disinfectants. Staff performing specialist cleaning are typically highly trained in infection control protocols and the safe use of specialised cleaning agents and equipment.

How do hospital cleaning standards differ from regular cleaning?

Hospital cleaning standards are significantly more stringent than regular cleaning due to the need to control infections and maintain a sterile environment. This involves the use of hospital-grade disinfectants, adherence to strict protocols for cross-contamination prevention, and regular monitoring and auditing of cleaning practices. Hospital cleaners receive specialized training to deal with hazardous materials and understand the unique requirements of cleaning in a healthcare setting, such as maintaining patient privacy and working around medical equipment.

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