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Importance of
Office Cleaning

Offices are now opening up and down the country, with staff returning in their droves and while basic office cleaning is no doubt a regular occurrence in the vast majority of offices, a thorough and professional office cleaning service has never been of so much importance.

Offices are a hive of activity and while people may have their own individual stations, germs are actually spread incredibly easily due to the sheer amount of shared equipment and touch points that lay within any office space. Think keyboards, telephones, photocopying machines and even door handles, light switches and more.

With this in mind, ensuring your office cleaning routine is as in-depth as possible is not just a nice-to-have but a necessity. Thankfully, here at Grease Gone, one of the UK’s leading commercial cleaning companies, we can provide you with a professional, expert office cleaning service thanks to our highly trained team of cleaners, all of whom are equipped with the very best equipment and cleaning solutions possible.

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Office Cleaning By The Best

Here at Grease Gone, we aren’t just another cleaning company. We’re a company that’s built a strong and trustworthy team over the course of 20 years. We know what works and what doesn’t and what’s more, we’re proud to boast an incredible team around us.

We’ve hand-picked some of the best cleaning staff possible and ensured that not only are they extensively trained but also undergo continual training to ensure they’re up to speed with the latest regulations and guidelines at all times.

We’ve worked hard to not only build a reputation for experience and professionalism, but to back that up with memberships to some of the strictest associations out there; From BESA to BESCA.

We also boast some of the lowest prices on the market and that’s down to one thing and one thing only – we use our own in-house team at all times. Unlike many other companies who outsource their work, we simply do not and because of that, we can keep costs down which allows us to provide you with the best price possible.

Flexible &
Easy To Use

We understand the importance of a clean office space after all, a clean office is a productive office however we also understand that minimal fuss and disruption is of the utmost importance which is why we provide a flexible service to not only cater to your cleaning needs but also cater to your schedule.

We’ll provide you with our cleaning team when you need them to ensure your daily office activities are free of interruption and can continue as efficiently as possible.

If you’d like more information on our office cleaning services, please don’t hesitate to contact us today on 0208 8663 413. Our team will happily answer any and all questions and book in your cleaning at a date and time that suits you.

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