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With an entirely new Tier launched in London and the South East, and businesses faced to close once more due to a new strain of COVID-19, it’s safe to say that the UK has indeed been thrown back into those very uncertain times that we found ourselves in at the beginning of the year. There are further lockdowns predicted for the New Year and countless businesses are still unsure of exactly where they’ll be or what they’ll be doing over the coming months. To say people are concerned is an understatement.

On a brighter note however, the vaccine has begun rollout with thousands of people already receiving it. With the hope that this vaccine brings, it’s safe to say we’re all now thinking of what we can do to protect not only ourselves but our businesses for the future and here at Grease Gone, we have the perfect solution in the form of our now famous Triple Clean service.

Triple Cleaning Strategy To Protect Your Business

At Grease Gone, we’ve become one of the UK’s leading commercial cleaners. We’ve achieved this accolade not just through the numerous rewards we’ve received or the extensive and thorough cleaning methods we administer but the fact that we provide one of the most flexible and affordable services in the UK.

This knowledge, experience and value for money have been utilised hugely throughout the last year too as we’ve spent a great deal of time helping businesses everywhere not only get back on their feet but ensure they’ve COVID-secure. How do we do this? Through our Triple Clean Strategy.

A Three Step Process

While we know many may be satisfied with a full kitchen deep clean, here at Grease Gone, we take that not one, but two steps further to ensure not only the highest level of hygiene and safety standards but to ensure that your premises are as COVID-safe as is physically possible. Here’s a breakdown of our entire process.

Step 1: The Deep Clean

It’s fair to say that our kitchen deep cleaning is not only thorough but incredibly affordable. They ensure all surfaces are cleaned, leaving not one square millimetre untouched. We ensure all vermin and bacteria are removed that could have taken residence during your prolonged closing too. 

We do this by sending our highly-trained teams into your kitchen to carry out your deep clean in a strategic manner, ensuring all surfaces are covered, from worktops to walls, floors to ceilings and any other areas that may require attention.

Rest assured once our team have paid your kitchen a visit, it will be rid of all bacteria, germs, grime and anything else that shouldn’t be there.

Our kitchen deep cleans will ensure your commercial kitchen meets all hygiene standards as well as giving you the best first step toward a COVID-safe kitchen, however, there are two more rather significant steps to take before you can truly say your kitchen or any business premises for that matter, is COVID compliant.

Deep Cleaning Service

Step 2: Vent Clean

As if a deep clean wasn’t enough, here at Grease Gone we go even further and take care of your ventilation. During COVID-19 especially, vent cleaning is quite simply crucial to the health and safety of your company for both yourself and your staff.

With the amount of food prepared in kitchens as well as day-to-day bacteria and airborne particles flying around, it’s not surprising to learn that your ducts can become filled with grease and grime rather quickly.

Not only will this block your ducts and prevent clean air from being brought into the premises itself but it will also prevent any COVID-19 contaminated particles from being removed too, meaning if COVID-19 is present, it will likely pass around your team incredibly quickly.

It’s essential to unblock and thoroughly clean all of these ducts, especially when you’re fighting a global pandemic as they will become breeding grounds for bacteria and viruses.

Duct Work Cleaning
duct ventilation system

Step 3: Fogging Sanitisation

With Steps 1 and 2 in place, you’ll find yourself with an extremely clean space but there’s one more step that can be carried out to ensure your commercial kitchen and business premises are completely COVID-compliant and that’s Fogging Sanitisation.

Fogging sanitisation is a form of disinfection that provides you with one last ‘blast’ of cleaning, shall we say. Fogging will ensure your kitchen or warehouse is not only cleaned to the nth degree but ensures your surfaces are coated with a cleaning agent that provides a somewhat hostile environment for viruses to live on. We use a chemical that not only combats COVID-19 there and then but also makes it difficult for the virus to land and remain shortly after too.

Fogging utilises specialist equipment and cleaning agents that can be applied quickly and efficiently and it’s this final sanitisation method that will ensure your commercial kitchen is not only clean but COVID-compliant also.

Fogging Cleaning Service

Regular Deep Cleans Moving Forward

As the only company that provides this triple clean service, we ensure you get the most efficient cleaning services possible and by carrying out all three services in one go, you’ll find it much more cost-effective too.

While this will put you in a fantastic position for reopening, we cannot stress enough the importance of having a regular deep cleaning and vent cleaning schedule to ensure your kitchen or business premises remain clean and compliant with new COVID requirements.

Here at Grease Gone, we provide affordable, flexible commercial cleaning services that will ensure your business is up to code as well as a safe and secure environment for you and your staff. If you’d like more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us today on 020 88663 413 or email us via [email protected].

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