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ATP Testing &
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Importance of
ATP Testing & ATP Monitoring

Here at Grease Gone, we provide an ATP testing service for those looking to take their cleaning strategy to the next level. While there are indeed DIY ATP testing kits available, they, unfortunately, do not provide as accurate a test result as the likes of the sophisticated equipment we use ourselves here at Grease Gone. So what exactly is ATP testing?

ATP testing is a method of proving exactly how clean a surface is. This can be carried out as an independent service or as a service that we provide following our own commercial cleaning services. We use a special reading device that measures growing microorganisms by detecting something known as Adenosine Triphosphate or ATP. If the reading device detects no ATP’s, you can rest assured that your surface is clean. Following all cleans, our technicians take ATP tests and provide you with the results to show your surfaces are not only clean but compliant with local regulations. 

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ATP Testing and Disinfection Services

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We Know What You Need

By using ATP testing technology, we can ensure all surfaces on your premises are thoroughly cleaned and by providing you with the necessary documentation, you can too, should you find yourself being spot-checked. The benefits for a business are beyond merely testing for cleanliness, however…

  • ATP Testing provides instant proof of cleanliness. A lab test on the other hand could take days.
  • Should ATP testing show your surfaces aren’t clean, we can simply continue cleaning until they are.
  • ATP testing will detect micro-pathogens that are invisible to the naked eye.
  • You can use the certification you’re awarded to prove your premises are clean and clear of ATPs.

Flexible &
Affordable ATP Testing

While ATP testing may not necessarily tell you what bacteria is there, it will tell you when a bacteria is present, thus allowing our teams to continue cleaning until that surface is completely clean and has been proven as the most suitable method to confirm the effectiveness of yours or our cleaning procedures. Many see it as another suit in the armour against COVID and other germs and diseases however, here at Grease Gone, we see it as the finishing service to ensure you have the data to back up your cleaning routine, regardless of whether there’s a pandemic in play or not.

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ATP testing & Monitoring

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ATP Testing Faqs

What is ATP testing and why is it important?

ATP testing is a rapid testing method used to measure the presence of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which is an indicator of biological residues on surfaces. This test is crucial for businesses to ensure cleanliness and comply with hygiene standards, thereby creating a safe and healthy environment for both employees and customers.

How is ATP testing conducted?

ATP testing is conducted using swabs and a luminometer. A swab is used to collect samples from the surface in question, which is then placed into the luminometer. The device measures the amount of light produced in reaction with ATP, providing a quantifiable indication of cleanliness within seconds.

Can ATP testing be utilised across different industries?

Absolutely, ATP testing is a versatile method employed across various industries including healthcare, food service, and manufacturing to ensure hygiene standards are met. It’s a reliable tool to verify cleaning effectiveness and maintain a high level of sanitation in different operational settings.

Where can I find reliable ATP testing services in London?

There are several reputable companies offering ATP testing services in London. It’s advisable to choose a provider with a strong track record, knowledgeable staff, and the necessary certifications to ensure accurate and reliable ATP testing. Checking reviews and possibly getting referrals could also guide you in making an informed decision on the best ATP testing service provider in London.

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