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Importance of
Professional Ventilation Cleaning

If you own or run a commercial kitchen then chances are, you’ll have a ventilation system in place.  Here at Grease Gone, we provide ventilation cleaning and ventilation system monitoring for customers up and down the country. In recent years, we’ve become the go-to company for ventilation cleaning thanks to our specialised teams and even more specialised services.

As you’ll no doubt know, cooking in commercial kitchens generates airborne grease, carbon and steam. Without regular cleaning of your ventilation system however, this will build up and begin to not only affect the working of the ventilation system itself but the quality of air within your kitchen. Airflow will reduce, odours will begin to become apparent and your fire risk increases hugely.

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Our Expert Teams Can Also Focus On Providing Commercial Cleaning Services For:

The Benefits Of Ventilation Cleaning

Regular expert ventilation system cleaning is without a doubt one of the most important services you need to utilise in order to ensure a clean and safe kitchen. Here are just some of the ways your kitchen will benefit from our ventilation cleaning:

  • Increase Clean Airflow 
  • Improve Staff Health
  • Reduce Fire Risk
  • Reduce Allergens
  • Improve System Durability & Function
  • Eliminate Odour 
  • Eliminate Pest Presence

Flexible &

All of our technicians are equipped with the latest equipment and cleaning solutions to ensure the very best job is carried out. We’ll also report our findings and results of our cleaning via photographs and reports, all of which will be followed up by the relevant certification. This means that you’ll have the official paperwork to show to local authorities that you’re doing what needs to be done in order to ensure you’re taking every fire safety precaution.

Our ventilation cleaning services can be carried out at virtually any time, day or night. Our teams are well versed in the art of flexibility and do what they can to ensure the cleaning service is carried out at a time that causes the least amount of intrusion to you and your workforce. We’re more than happy to work out of hours. We’ll also work with you, letting you know when you need a ventilation clean next and book this in, with the relevant property managers. Each time we clean, we’ll also report back and let you know whether the frequency of cleaning needs to be increased or better still, decreased. 

We can, when asked, take all the weight from your shoulders and ensure your ventilation systems are taken care of when needed, without causing you hassle or taking you away from what’s important – running your business.

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If you’d like more information on our ventilation cleaning services, please don’t hesitate to contact our team today on 020 88663 413. We’re the UK’s leading ventilation system cleaning provider and thanks to our incredible team and ability to keep all services in house, we’re also one of the most affordable too. Trust in Grease Gone to deliver trusted, reliable ventilation cleaning to ensure compliance with industry standards at all times.

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Ventilation Cleaning London - Faqs

What are the key benefits of professional ventilation cleaning in London?

Professional ventilation cleaning in London offers numerous benefits, including increased clean airflow, improved staff health, reduced fire risk, allergen reduction, enhanced system durability and function, elimination of odours, and pest presence reduction. Regular cleaning ensures a safe and efficient working environment, particularly in commercial kitchens where airborne grease, carbon, and steam are prevalent.

How does Grease Gone ensure quality in their ventilation cleaning services?

Grease Gone ensures the highest quality in ventilation cleaning by employing expert teams equipped with the latest equipment and cleaning solutions. We provide comprehensive service, including detailed reports and photographs of the cleaning process, followed by official certification.

Can Grease Gone's ventilation cleaning services be scheduled flexibly in London?

Absolutely, Grease Gone offers highly flexible and affordable ventilation cleaning services in London. Our teams can perform cleaning at any time, day or night, to minimise disruption to your business operations. We prioritize working out of hours if needed and maintain open communication to schedule services at the most convenient times for our clients.

Why choose Grease Gone for ventilation cleaning in commercial kitchens in London?

Choosing Grease Gone for ventilation cleaning in London means selecting a leader in the field. We are known for our specialised teams, comprehensive service, and affordability. Our commitment to ensuring compliance with industry standards and our ability to handle all services in-house makes us a trusted and reliable choice for businesses seeking efficient and effective ventilation system maintenance.

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