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Ventilation systems and air ducts are there to provide you with good circulation, better air to breath and to help keep the temperature in your shop, kitchen or warehouse at a pleasant level. Despite being a fundamental instrument in keeping the workforce happy and healthy, as well as your company premises safe and clean, it’s often something that’s overlooked in terms of maintenance.

Just Why Is Duct Cleaning So Important?

Duct and ventilation cleaning is important for the following reasons:

  • Cleaning ventilation systems and ducts ensures a high quality of air within the building
  • Dust and debris can build up over time which will lead to inefficiency within the duct system
  • Dirty ducts and ventilations systems cost more to run as they require more energy
  • Without proper cleaning on a regular basis, your business will not meet government regulations

While many would assume just one clean would be enough, it isn’t. Cleaning ventilation systems and ducts is a periodical job. It needs to be carried out on a regular basis in order to ensure vents and ducts are build-up free. Regular cleaning also ensures they’re free from vermin infestations, allergens and microbes that could spread throughout the system and ultimately throughout the whole premises.

So the question is, how often should they be cleaned?

Their deep cleaning teams are absolutely brilliant! Had a full kitchen and ventilation clean of my restaurant and couldn’t believe the amazing work they had done.

Marco TrabuccoFast Food Restaurant

Frequency Of Ventilation & Duct System Cleaning

As much as we’d love to give you a straightforward answer, it simply isn’t possible and actually depends greatly on the activities that take place within the building. For example, for residential nursing homes we’d recommend ducts and ventilation systems are cleaned every few years.

If we’re discussing more commercial environments however, then you’ll be wanting to increase the frequency of ventilation and duct cleaning to annually, at the very least. If your commercial property has a kitchen, this will need to be increased further, as kitchen extracts are usually connected to the main ductwork systems.

How often should ventilation ductwork be cleaned?

Generally, it’s advised every three to five years. However, this varies with circumstances like having allergy sufferers, pets, or recent renovations, which may necessitate more frequent cleaning for improved air quality.

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Unsure As To Whether Your Ventilation System Needs Cleaning?

If you’re unsure as to whether your ductwork system needs cleaning, here are some indicators that can help you decide:

    • Mould build up inside the system
    • Vermin and insects making an appearance from the system
    • Clouds of dust emitting from the system
    • Underside and borders beginning to blacken
    • Groaning or creaking noises
    • Workforce complaining of breathing irritation or allergies being extra problematic
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If you’re looking for high quality ventilation and ductwork cleaning, please don’t hesitate to contact us today. We can provide a truly flexible and affordable service to ensure your commercial space is clean, safe and ultimately, on the right side of the law throughout the year. Contact Grease Gone today on 020 88663 413.

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