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Importance of
Canteen Cleaning

Food preparation and canteen cleaning is a highly specialised service. Cleaning the canteen after preparing huge amounts of food isn’t simply a case of wiping down the sides but ensuring every surface, every square inch of that canteen is clean and free from germs and bacteria. Food and drink gets spilt. They get dropped into even the most unlikely of places within a canteen and this is done all throughout the day. 

Whether you’re looking for an initial deep clean or a regular canteen cleaning service, here at Grease Gone, we can provide you with a quality and affordable canteen cleaning service.

Our team are specialists when it comes to dealing with food preparation areas as well as eating areas. They’ll ensure surfaces aren’t just clean but every area, from under tables to behind tray trolleys are free from bacteria and of course, fallen food debris.

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We Can Clean Most Commercial Kitchens

But Our Expertise Focus On Providing Commercial Cleaning Services For:

Professional Food Prep & Canteen Cleaning

Our teams are equipped with the very best equipment, along with specialist cleaning solutions to ensure areas aren’t just clean but adhere to health and safety laws. We’re here to ensure you’re as compliant as you are clean and as members of BESA and BESCA, it’s something we take very seriously. 

With canteen cleans, you can expect oven cleaning, microwave cleaning, all food prep areas to be cleaned as well as extractors and ducting. You can also expect tables and chairs to be cleaned, along with structural areas such as ceilings and walkways.

Our deep cleaning services will ensure your canteen area remains compliant with all Health & Safety regulations and can be provided to suit your needs. From regular daily and weekly cleaning to more thorough, specialised deep canteen cleans. We’ll make sure both staff and guests are in safe hands.

Why Choose Grease Gone
For Your Canteen Cleaning Needs?

Here at Grease Gone, we provide one of the most affordable, professional services available. We’re able to do this thanks to our incredible team which means we keep all services in-house. By using our own team for all services, we not only avoid the extra costs of outsourcing, but you do too. 

Instead of making more profit, we simply pass this saving on to you, our customer. That means you get the same level of professionalism for a much more affordable price tag. 

We also ensure our team receives comprehensive training regularly to keep them up to date on not only new cleaning techniques and solutions but also new cleaning and government regulations. 

With Grease Gone, you’ll also benefit from our 20 plus years of experience within the kitchen and ventilation cleaning industry. With such experience and affordable pricing, is it any wonder we’ve become the UK’s leading commercial cleaning company?

For more information on our canteen cleaning services, or to book in your own canteen deep clean, simply contact us today on 0208 866 3413.

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