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When it comes to cleaning in the food industry, it’s safe to say it isn’t an easy task for restaurant owners and managers. In fact, carrying out a professional commercial kitchen clean is virtually impossible unless you have the necessary knowledge, expertise and equipment. 

Despite that, it’s not just a necessary step but a critical one when it comes to food production and ensuring food safety. Thankfully, here at Grease Gone, we’re well-versed in taking that tough challenge off of your hands and making it look easy. We provide numerous commercial cleaning services, from ventilation systems to fire damper testing, to ensure the hygiene within your commercial kitchen is the best it can be. 

What Is Food Safety?

For those operating within the food industry, whether your commercial kitchen serves a takeaway restaurant or a sit-down restaurant, it’s essential that food is produced in a safe and hygienic environment.

There are so many factors to consider in order to cultivate an environment that embraces true food safety and hygiene, but what is food safety?

In short, food safety covers all aspects of ensuring that the food you’re working with, is safe for a person (your customers) to eat.

Food safety itself is regulated by the FSA, the Food Standards Agency which is itself, underpinned by UK regulations.

Restaurant Cleaning

How Regular Restaurant Cleaning Helps

There are numerous ways in which regular restaurant cleaning will help and it begins with you taking that proactive approach…

Keeps You On Top Of Maintenance – with regular cleaning from Grease Gone, you can ensure that any small niggles will be picked up in its early stages, allowing you to stay on top of maintenance and address small issues before they become big ones. It also ensures your premises are inspected regularly and kept on top of, keeping health and hygiene a priority and the perfect place in which to prepare food.

Controls Pests – with regular cleaning, you’ll also ensure you make your environment one that does not attract pests. With regular ventilation cleaning, pests will not be encouraged into your space and what’s more, we’ll ensure they’re cleaned, sealed and inspected regularly – stopping them from making your commercial kitchen their home.

Ensures Continued Disinfection – with regular cleaning, you won’t just see a clean surface, you’ll benefit from regularly disinfected ones, ensuring a truly and continued disinfected space. With the help of services such as fogging sanitisation, you can also make use of incredible solutions that not only disinfect but ensure your surfaces, while being safe for food, are hostile toward viruses and germs.

Ensures Clean, Filtered Air – by carrying out regular ventilation and ductwork cleaning, you’re also ensuring your airspace is clean and continually filtered. With regular ventilation cleaning, you can bank on a clean environment for not only your staff but the food being prepared within the kitchen. Forget grease-laden kitchens and say goodbye to quickly spreading viruses and airborne illnesses. Instead say hello to clean, filtered air and safe space for all of your workforce and the food you’re preparing.

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By ensuring you have a regularly cleaned restaurant, you can ensure the space in which your food is prepared is the cleanest possible, from surfaces to ventilation systems and more. This will undoubtedly help improve your level of food safety and keep you on the right side of the law. For more information on our commercial cleaning services, please do call us today on 020 8866 3413.

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