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Some Basic Things We Cover When Deep Cleaning

Whether you’re running a hotel, a restaurant or even a catering kitchen, cleanliness must be a priority. Recent statistics from Public Health England estimate that restaurants account for around half of all food-borne outbreaks. These outbreaks result in viruses such as Norovirus, Salmonella or in this current climate, COVID-19 spreading faster than we can stop it from areas such as worktops, door handles, plates and virtually any heavily used piece of equipment. 

Deep Cleaning kitchen hobs

What Is A Deep Clean?

Deep cleans are very different from the everyday clean-ups that you may have carried out by staff at the end of each shift. 

Deep cleaning is designed specifically to reach virtually every square millimetre of your premises and not only clean, but fully disinfect and sanitise in order to ensure they’re bacteria free. Carried out by professionally trained, fully equipped commercial cleaners, deep cleans will enlist the help of expert equipment to get to those hard to reach places such as between walls, high shelves, behind fridges and freezers as well as ductwork and ventilation systems. They’ll utilise steam equipment and high pressure equipment to ensure areas such as surfaces, walls and ceilings are the cleanest they can possibly be and more importantly, free from the bacteria and germs that we’re all trying to avoid. 

Deep cleans will ensure a commercial kitchen isn’t just a clean kitchen but a safe space for both food preparation and your staff. 

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What To Expect During A Deep Clean?

When a deep clean is being carried out, you’ll need to ensure the kitchen space (and any other areas being tended to during the deep clean) are kept free from personnel. This is due to the nature of the cleaning equipment used. During fogging sanitisation, a service provided by ourselves to ensure full disinfection, you would need to be away from the kitchen itself for a period of time to ensure the cleaning fluid has fully dried and is subsequently safe to be around.

It’s for this reason that many opt for deep cleans during out of hours. While this may not be something that all companies cater to, you can rest assured that here at Grease Gone, we’re more than happy to work to your schedule to ensure minimal fuss and interruption to your working day. 

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Kitchen Deep Cleaning

Why Choose The Professionals?

Our team of expert cleaners will work to ensure the highest possible standards in the most efficient manner. Not only this, but thanks to their training and continued development, they’ll also ensure that your kitchen space meets health and safety regulations.

During our kitchen deep cleans, you can expect everything to be covered including but not limited to:

  • Ovens
  • Appliances interior and exterior
  • Grease Traps
  • Sinks
  • Taps

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If you’d like more information on kitchen deep cleans, what they involve or better still, wish to book one in for your kitchen, please don’t hesitate to contact us today on 020 88663 413.

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