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What is Commercial Kitchen Deep Cleaning?

Commercial kitchen deep cleaning is more than just a cleaning service; it’s a crucial part of maintaining a high standard of hygiene and safety in any food preparation environment. This exhaustive process targets every nook and cranny of a commercial kitchen, reaching areas that regular cleaning routines often overlook. It involves a meticulous cleaning of all kitchen equipment, surfaces, vents, and hard-to-reach areas to ensure the removal of accumulated grease, burnt-on food, and potential bacterial hazards. This level of cleaning is essential not only for compliance with rigorous health and safety regulations but also for extending the lifespan of kitchen equipment, improving efficiency, and creating a safer, more pleasant working environment. At J&I Grease Gone, our deep cleaning service encompasses a thorough sanitisation process, using industry-leading techniques and products to achieve a level of cleanliness that standard methods cannot attain. Our expertise in this field ensures that every inch of your kitchen, from the busiest cooking stations to the quietest corners, receives the attention it needs to maintain the highest levels of hygiene and operational excellence.

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Why Do You Need a Kitchen Deep Clean?

Commercial catering environments such as Kitchens, Canteens and Food preparation areas must adhere to stringent hygiene legislation. Failure to meet standards set out by the Foods Safety Act 1990 and Food Hygiene Regulations 2006 can lead to severe fines and a negative effect on your business’s profitability and reputation. 

With Viruses and Diseases becoming a more common concern, people now more than ever will be looking at Scores on Doors/Food Hygiene Ratings. Whether you achieve and maintain good hygiene levels is going to determine the future functionality of your business. We also offer industrial kitchen cleaning services for larger premises.

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Deep Cleaning kitchen hobs

Cleaning solutions designed to remove grease

We understand that commercial cleaning in the kitchen is as important as keeping the front of the house clean and tidy. Without an effective clean, grease and fat can accumulate underneath or around your equipment. These accumulations act as a potential breeding ground for bacteria and rodents, risking health and safety and reducing the efficiency of your equipment.

During J&I Grease Gones commercial kitchen cleaning our trained specialists remove all burnt carbon and fat deposits, as well as thoroughly clean all areas in the kitchen, eliminating safety risks and prolonging your equipment’s life.

A professional comprehensive deep clean from J&I Grease Gone can provide a wide range of benefits that make regular appointments worthwhile for both industrial kitchen cleaning services and commercial kitchen cleaning services.

Our Expertise Focus On Providing Kitchen Cleaning Services For:
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Commercial Kitchen Deep Cleaning Benefits

Increased Hygiene
  • Reducing risks of contamination, food poisoning and pest problem.
  • Good Hygiene will attract more customers, especially as viruses and diseases are a more common concern.
Increased Efficiency of Equipment
  • Degreasing leads to increased equipment efficiency and life span.
  • Reducing your maintenance costs
Reduced Fire Risk
  • Improved Health and Safety in the working environment.
  • Possibility of lower Insurance premiums.
Compliance with Regulation
  • Lower risk of fines and prosecution.
  • Reduced risk of transmitting foodborne diseases.
  • Meet food standard agency guidelines.
Kitchen Deep Cleaning

J&I Grease Gone Certification

On completion of each commercial and industrial kitchen cleaning service, we issue a certificate of conformity that enables you to easily demonstrate to your environmental health officers & insurers your due diligence to minimise health risks. 

At J&I Grease Gone we work to extremely high standards to ensure that your needs to comply with laws and regulations are always met.

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J&I Grease Gone Kitchen Deep Cleaning Approach

We help our clients gain peace of mind by providing a professional and efficient deep clean from a team who are all trained to deliver excellence as standard. All you need to do is Book Now. Grease Gone.

Our professional cleaners have experience in deep cleaning a wide variety of kitchens nationwide while ensuring full compliance with industry regulations and minimal disruption to your business. And as a 24-hour business, J&I Grease Gone can even offer overnight cleans to keep your kitchen up and running during your busiest hours of the day.

To ensure the best possible results, our fully qualified and experienced deep cleaning teams provide all their own equipment and cleaning solutions, which have been specifically designed to remove tough stubborn grease. Specific tools and industrial chemicals are used to tackle each area of the kitchen, including:

  • Ovens, grills, fryers and hobs
  • Fridges, sinks and storage equipment
  • Food preparation surfaces and other tables
  • Floors, ceilings, walls and tiles

The end result

A perfectly clean professional kitchen, all prepped and ready for your team to get to work. You can see some of our results below!

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Grease Gone: Pioneers in Dark Kitchen Cleaning

The culinary world is ever-changing, and one of its latest innovations is the rise of dark kitchens. These unique establishments, also known as ghost or cloud kitchens, are reshaping the food delivery landscape. Operating without a traditional dining space, they focus solely on crafting delightful dishes for delivery. Such a specialised setup demands an equally specialised cleaning regimen.

Enter Grease Gone. We’ve delved deep into the world of dark kitchens, understanding their nuances and the challenges they face. Our expertise allows us to offer a cleaning service that’s tailored to the specific needs of these modern culinary hubs.

Every corner of a dark kitchen sees intense activity, from sizzling stovetops to bustling prep areas. Our team is adept at ensuring each of these spaces shines, meeting the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene. We recognise the around-the-clock nature of dark kitchens, and our services are designed to fit seamlessly into their operations, ensuring they can continue to dish out culinary masterpieces without a hitch.

With the backing of Grease Gone, dark kitchens can be confident that their space is not only clean but primed for peak performance. As leaders in dark kitchen cleaning, we’re here to support the next wave of culinary innovation, ensuring every dish emerges from a kitchen that’s spotless and efficient.

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