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Fresh air is a basic life essential – every single human and animal on the planet needs quality air to survive. But with industrialisation and many people now confined in offices and industrial spaces every day for work or living in big urban centres, this vital substance is often filled with pollution, chemicals, and other harmful substances. Most people are aware of the dangers of pollution to long-term health, but did you also know that air quality can affect basic cognitive functioning on a daily basis? This has far-reaching effects on brain functioning in and out of work, affecting general mental processing and work performance.

In An Ideal World

Everyone would be roaming in areas filled with nature and fresh air every day in an ideal world. There would be accessible outdoor spaces where everyone would breathe fresh air, and our cities would be pollution-free. But for most of us, this is a pipedream – we can’t leave the cities we live in, we are confined to offices or venues with restricted airflow, and our homes can be just as bad.

Additionally, there are now COVID concerns, adding more risk to indoor environments. All of these blended together pose serious health risks. So what to do? And how can it be ensured that a business or venue, in particular, will have a clean ventilation system and quality airflow?

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The Benefits of Compliance

There are a host of benefits that come with a good ventilation system, including improvement in the health and well-being of anyone using the building. Inadequate or substandard ventilation has been proven to cause headaches, allergies, asthma, rashes, and sinus problems. In the current COVID times, poor ventilation can accelerate the spread of the virus. Beyond this, staff may fall victim to many illnesses, including the infamous Sick Building Syndrome, which costs businesses substantial time and money while creating a considerable health impact for employees in the long term.

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Getting the Ventilation Right

It’s a common misconception that the pollution in a city stays outside and working inside is safer and better for health. People believe that while the air quality outside isn’t great, especially for a city dweller, windows and doors undoubtedly keep some of it outside. Unfortunately, this is simply not the case, and often the air indoors can and is far worse and higher in pollutants than any air in an unconfined space. This is why a good and well-functioning ventilation system is essential. It’s important that each business or the building’s management consider the best and most appropriate ventilation for the space.

This is particularly necessary for commercial and industrial work areas to control potentially harmful pollutants that their employees can breathe in. Adequate ventilation ensures there will be enough clean air pumped into a space while the system simultaneously removes old, stale air. Ventilation systems vary. Some also include air filtration mechanisms, air conditioning for cooling, and air curtains to create barriers. When functioning correctly, the system will eliminate pollutants, mould, bacteria, moisture, and odours, ensuring building health and safety compliance. This will also help with power bills and the elimination of damp and mouldy air.

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Ensuring Ventilation Compliance

There are a host of ventilation compliance regulations for businesses and venues put in place by government regulations. It is, however, often left up to the people and management in buildings to ensure the rules are correctly implemented. If regulators and inspectors get involved, your company is in big trouble, so it’s best to adhere to and file the appropriate compliance paperwork before it escalates to legal action.

For example, a simple compliance action is to ensure the ventilation system is regularly cleaned to remove mould, debris, and anything else that may release bacteria and toxins into the air. Although this is mandated as an annual clean minimum, we would recommend having the system cleaned every three to six months for the health and safety of all who use the building. In addition, it makes business sense to look after employees and clients and pays in fewer sick days being taken by your team.


Ventilation system cleaning is imperative to business operations, especially during the current COVID times. If you need a skilled professional to help your company keep your ventilation system in top condition, reach out to Grease Gone Commercial Cleaning London. We can help with all your cleaning needs, so call us for additional information on how we can help with your requirements or if you would like to receive a quote.

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