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Why Worry About Duct Cleaning Regulations/Laws?

If you own a commercial property, there’s a high chance that you’ll have a network or series of ductwork within the walls and ceilings of said property.

With that ductwork comes a huge responsibility in terms of maintenance, so much so there’s now legislation and guidance with regard to what you must adhere to.

The Law Is Very Clear

The Health & Safety At Work Act 1974 states that both employers and those concerned with the ‘premises’ owe what’s known as a ‘common duty of care’ to both employees as well as those who may visit the premises.

The Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 states that they must exercise their ‘duty’ in a manner that’s as far as is ‘reasonably practical’.

It’s also worth noting that the Workplace Health, Safety & Welfare Regulations 1992 state ‘effective and suitable provisions shall be made to ensure that every enclosed workplace is ventilated by a sufficient quantity of fresh or purified air’.

So what does this mean for you?

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Effective and suitable provisions shall be made to ensure that every enclosed workplace is ventilated by a sufficient quantity of fresh or purified air.

Workplace Health, Safety & Welfare Regulations 1992HSE

What Must You Do?

All of these regulations are in place for a good reason. Over time, ductwork can begin to build up with debris and dust. This will naturally begin to hinder the passage and movement of clean air.

What’s more, this build up can begin to encourage mould and even bacteria to grow thus making the air that moves through it laden with bacteria and mould. This process of build up gets exponentially worse during warmer months too, when humidity is an issue.

How Does This Effect Employees?

With the air passing through these built-up ducts carrying these pathogens, your employees automatically become at risk. In fact, unhygienic ducts have been shown to be one of the main causes of something called Sick Building Syndrome.

This is where all staff within one particular building or vicinity get sick, continuously. Whether they all suffer from viruses, flu or even colds and allergies, the fact remains it’s all linked to the mould and bacteria-laden air they all breathe in throughout the day.

Throw in a clinical environment such as a hospital and it’s easy to see how the likes of MRSA or even Coronavirus can spread with ease.

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Regular Duct Cleaning Is Essential

Regular ductwork cleaning is nothing short of essential for any environment, whether it’s a commercial kitchen or a hospital.

Ensuring your ducts are clean through regular property maintenance is the responsibility, both legally and morally, of the employer and should be carried out as a matter of standard at least every six months. 

Failing to meet these legal requirements won’t just result in increased sickness of employees but could ultimately result in legal action against you and those responsible.

Without due care, you may even find yourself without cover as insurance companies are showing more interest than ever, in how the buildings they cover are maintained. Without suitable evidence of effective maintenance, you could find yourself in very hot water.

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