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Research has shown that being in a room with good ventilation and/or fresh air helps reduce the risk of infection from particles, be it COVID or otherwise, by up to 70%.

As restrictions begin to lift, it’s imperative that we remember this and the importance of clean, fresh air and ventilation in our communal buildings, whether that’s a shopping centre, a restaurant or even an office block. 

Fresh Air Is Important

As we begin to spend more time in communal spaces, experts are recommending that we remember to:

  • Open windows for short, sharp periods regularly throughout the day if the temperature is too low for longer periods.
  • Leave windows ajar continuously throughout the day.

While this is certainly good advice, for commercial properties, the focus should most certainly be on ventilation systems and ductwork. Although people don’t live in these buildings, they will undoubtedly begin to spend more time here as restrictions lift and attempts are made to begin living what we know as ‘normal lives’.

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Why Ventilation Systems Need Cleaning

The most important purpose for cleaning air ventilation systems is to ensure cleaner air. This is an almost instant benefit following a thorough ventilation cleaning service. 

Air duct systems like this will pick up all manner of airborne particles from dust to dirt and of course, contaminated particles such as COVID-19. This will build-up out of sight, within the ventilation system itself. 

As it builds up, the system’s ability to clean and filter the air within the building will be compromised, preventing it from filtering the air as well as it could. This will have increasingly negative effects on the air quality within the building over time.

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Grease Gone Have You Covered

Thankfully, here at Grease Gone, we have you covered with our fresh air ductwork cleaning services. With regular ventilation cleaning, you can ensure polluted ductwork is a thing of the past, ridding your entire ventilation system of pollutants, microorganisms and contaminants.

You can rest assured that the air within your building remains clean and fresh at all times, not only avoiding what’s known as the “sick building syndrome” but also avoiding the spread of COVID-19 as our country has fought so hard to stop it.

If you’d like more help and advice when it comes to ensuring clean air in your building or better yet, want to book a ventilation cleaning service for your communal building in preparation for restrictions lifting, please don’t hesitate to contact us today on 020 88663413.

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