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Children spend a substantial amount of time in their classrooms each day, it’s therefore vital to consider health and safety alongside a well-structured curriculum. The environment also needs to be a safe and comfortable environment where they can thrive and most of all, concentrate. If the classroom is muggy, with insufficient airflow, it can be difficult for them to focus on their studies, and it’s simply not a suitable learning environment.

When hot and bothered, children will become inattentive, bored, and tired and this will negatively impact their education. Not to mention, a classroom full of bored and tired children will be much harder for the teacher to manage, making their job much more difficult. There are other benefits too that make it essential to have adequate and healthy clean ventilation systems in schools.

More Oxygen = Better Brain Function

With the brain alone using 20% of the oxygen taken into the body, it’s vital that the oxygen supply students breathe is of good quality to ensure optimal brain function.

Regular circulation of fresh air in a classroom is necessary for consistent high-level brain functioning and learning ability. This will enable students’ brains to keep working without the same level of fatigue caused by low oxygen levels.

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Minimise Carbon Dioxide Overload

A big problem with many air systems – or spaces without – is that if a classroom is sealed, carbon dioxide levels can rise exponentially which can cause a myriad of symptoms in students including drowsiness, headaches, dizziness and feeling unwell.

This can lead to sick days and a reduction of learning capacity. Adequate ventilation and a clean system that works as it is designed -bringing fresh air in, while removing stale air – will make a big difference for students.

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Fresh Air Is Essential for Children's Development

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Less Polluting Particles

Ventilation systems are designed to provide more fresh air in a space while filtering out polluting particles that may linger. This is even more important in COVID times, as the virus can be spread through the air, and thus circulated through the ventilation system.

If a ventilation system is full of mould, mildew or any other pollutants, it can be a huge problem for students and teachers alike. It can cause breathing problems, allergies and many other related illnesses, so a clean system circulating clean air will reduce these risks.

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Happier Children and Happier Classrooms

Finally, fresh air is known for releasing serotonin in the brain, which is why getting out in nature can have such a huge mental and physical health impact.

This ‘happy chemical’ promotes relaxation and positivity so a healthy ventilation system that provides fresh air can make students happier, and assist in creating a happier classroom environment.

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If you want a clean, safe, happy, and formative classroom environment then keeping a clean and safe ventilation system to circulate fresh air really is a no-brainer! Contact Grease Gone Commercial Cleaning London to discover how a professional system clean can help your students thrive – call us today for more information or to receive a quote.

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