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The comfort of a home or a business space is significantly affected by indoor air quality. Breathing in dust, mould, pollen, and rodent or pest droppings can cause reactions, even for healthy people, when inhaled. At home, it’s a problem, but when supersized to a commercial office or industrial space, the potential issues are multiplied with health implications for many more people.

Regular air duct cleaning is the surefire way to improve air quality and safety while avoiding more severe health issues for your staff, including Sick Building Syndrome, which can have long-term and dangerous health effects. Below are some common signs to look out for that will let you know your air ducts are in desperate need of cleaning.

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You Can See the Ducts Are Clogged

An easy indicator of dirty air ducts is when a small puff of dust or debris is expelled when the ventilation system is turned on. The air system usually should not release anything on activation other than fresh air, so anything visible that’s released means there’s an issue.

Unfortunately, this can also cause more serious problems when the released muck contaminates the air, causing widespread respiratory problems and allergies before settling on surfaces and making cleaning the place a never-ending job.

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There are Odours Emanating

Another guaranteed indicator that your air ducts need a clean is foul smells that seem to have no specific source – this usually means the system is contaminated. Getting up close to the air vent will help confirm the location of the smell. If you don’t want to do this – because who does – get a technician or cleaner in to do a more thorough inspection. Let’s face it; if there are smells, you’ll need professional help to clean the ducts anyway. Another cause of bad smells could also be that your ventilation cleaning methods need to be reviewed.

Mould and Mildew are Visible

For air vents and breathing in, mould and mildew really are air duct enemy number one. Both exacerbate allergies and respiratory conditions while being fast-moving and quickly spread. Therefore, taking fast action when you spot mould or mildew is vital, as is having professional assistance to eradicate it. A professional will also have the appropriate equipment to safely clean any substances, as removal may require breathing apparatus, as both can cause severe reactions.

There is Poor Airflow and Circulation

This is another easy indicator that there are any problems. If the system and ducts need a clean, inconsistent airflow will be a problem. This may be accompanied by or caused by any other issues listed above. Once again, always get professional advice before considering a DIY system investigation.

Keep Your Air Cleaner with Professional Ventilation Cleaning

If your system has all or any of these issues, or you feel it’s time to have a professional clean your air ducts and ventilation system, reach out to our professional team at Grease Gone Commercial Cleaning London. We offer a range of services to keep your home and business’s air quality safe and clean.

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