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With one quick search on the internet, you’ll no doubt find more cleaning companies in your area than you can count. In fact, there are so many out there, that it can feel almost impossible to choose. The question many ask, is what makes one different from another?

Here at Grease Gone, we separate ourselves from every other company out there and we do that by not only striving to provide incredible service but we ensure we’re accredited by the relevant national bodies. So what does accreditation mean?

What Does Accreditation Mean?

We’re proud to be accredited by a number of governing bodies, from CHAS to PASMA and IPAF. We’re also Safe Contractor Approved and ensure all staff are DBS Checked. All of this accreditation may sound great, but what does it actually mean to you and your business/home?

In order to receive these accreditations, we need to ensure our services are constantly up to standard. We also need to ensure we’re employing the right people for the job and we do this via DBS checks.

This means that as a client of ours, you’re receiving services that meet (surpass) the national standards required. It also means we’re continually checked to ensure we’re still worthy of accreditation, once again meaning that we’re continually striving to improve our services in order to remain accredited by these governing bodies.

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The Benefits Of Using Accredited Cleaning Companies Such As Our

There are numerous benefits to using an accredited cleaning company such as ours. Here are just a few:

Health & Safety

First and foremost, by employing a cleaning company with the relevant accreditations, you can rest assured that they’re well versed in health & safety policies and procedures. They’ll have the necessary PPE and ensure they’re sticking to policy at all times. This provides peace of mind for you and your staff.

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More Efficient Service

With better-trained staff who are required to stick to certain governing body guidelines, you can enjoy a more efficient service than that of a cleaning company that doesn’t have regular training and checks.

Relevant Knowledge

With accredited and qualified cleaning companies, you’ll also be in safe hands when it comes to knowing the current guidelines and what’s expected of your business. They’ll be able to inform and assist you, helping you remain on the right side of the law.

Peace Of Mind

It’s hard enough running a business. Throw in having to worry about the qualifications of your cleaning company and it can become completely overwhelming. With an accredited cleaning company like ourselves here at Grease Gone, you can enjoy total peace of mind and simply leave us to do our job, while you do yours.

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From regular cleaning services to our commercial cleaning services, here at Grease Gone we have you covered with an award winning cleaning service each and every time. Recipients of the Commercial Cleaning Specialists Of The Year Award, our work speaks for itself, as do our incredible prices. For more information, or to book your clean, please don’t hesitate to contact us today on 020 88663 413.

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