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Why do You Need Deep Cleaning ?

Homes, offices, retail shops, and workplaces get messy – that’s no secret. Even with regular cleaning, the deeper jobs often get overlooked concealing messes in places that are hard to reach or out of sight to build up. This is why it’s recommended at regular intervals to book deep cleaning services to eliminate debris in concealed areas. Deep cleaning should take place every six months according to government legislation, although we would recommend booking this service every three months to stay ahead of the competition and keep your place in the best condition possible. Deep cleaning removes dirt and grime that builds up over time and is in hard-to-reach places that may be causing allergies, asthma, and issues in the workplace without anyone realising it. The service often uses heavy-duty deep cleaning products and tools to ensure the very best quality clean possible. Services may include:

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Deep Cleaning kitchen hobs

Deep Cleaning Solutions

Maintaining a clean commercial space is about more than just what meets the eye. Even when a place looks clean, there could be hidden dust and dirt in corners and crevices. These hidden spots can become breeding grounds for bacteria and even pests, posing real health and safety risks.

Choosing a J&I Grease Gone Deep Clean takes cleaning to a whole new level. Our experienced cleaning team uses advanced techniques to get into every nook and cranny, removing dirt and grime from every surface. They clean from the floor up to the ceiling, ensuring a thorough clean that refreshes the entire space.

Going for a deep clean with J&I Grease Gone is more than just a cleaning service—it’s an investment towards a healthier, safer, and more welcoming environment. Regular deep clean sessions help to keep the commercial space in top condition, creating a lasting good impression and a safer workspace for everyone.

Commercial Kitchen Deep Cleaning

Commercial Kitchens or any other Food preparation area must adhere to stringent government hygiene legislation. Failure to maintain a compliant kitchen may lead to substantial fines, loss of business and customer trust, reputation damage from transmitting viruses and diseases, which in most cases is some form of food poisoning. We offer kitchen deep cleaning services for small, medium and large kitchen environments for various premises. A Grease Gone clean includes trained specialists going above and beyond to clean all dirt, grime, and safety risks, while also aiming to prolong the lifespan of any equipment. 

Medical Deep Cleaning Services

Hospitals, doctors’ offices, and medical facilities require regular deep cleaning and maintenance. These places are where people go to get well, and no stone can be left unturned when it comes to cleaning every inch of a facility and lowering all possible contamination risks. Entrusting your premises to our experienced team will ensure the highest level of cleanliness for your patients and medical staff.

Retail Deep Cleaning Services

Retail deep cleaning services can help with the assistance and maintenance of retail shops and spaces. Keep your retail facilities maintained at the highest level possible with regular three-six month deep cleaning services that can include thorough deep cleaning, high-level cleaning, and safety services as required by your particular shop style and client requirements.

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duct ventilation system

Ventilation Cleaning Services

Professional deep cleaning services are incomplete without regular Ventilation System Cleaning. Without it, any debris, dirt, rodent mess and bacteria will circulate throughout your building, resulting in subpar health and safety outcomes for your staff and clients. This service can help in kitchens, offices, or even in vast spaces such as airports and warehouses. Regular expert ventilation system cleaning ensures the environment is safe and poses no fire or airborne health risks. A deep ventilation clean will increase airflow, and improve staff health while reducing allergy and asthma symptoms while preventing fire and pest issues. Our team are expertly trained to maintain ventilation systems with proper equipment and tools that guarantee a great job every time.


ATP Testing & Monitoring Services

Want to step up on your deep cleaning activities? ATP testing services elevate cleanliness and maintenance by utilising specialised reading devices to measure the growth of microorganisms, specifically Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP). Following a deep and comprehensive clean, a technician will conduct an ATP test to measure cleanliness and the levels of any microorganisms on surfaces. The technician will then provide documentation of the measures taken to inform cleaning services and to keep the documentation for government inspections. 

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Deep Cleaning When You Need It

Deep Cleaning When You Need It
We are a 24-hour business meaning J&I Grease Gone can offer overnight deep cleans to keep your business from experiencing any downtime. It’s all part of our professional and flexible services. To guarantee great results, our fully qualified and experienced deep cleaning team bring their own equipment, tools, and cleaning solutions to each job to ensure they are fully equipped with professional cleaning supplies for everything your deep cleaning job may throw at them.

The end result

A perfectly clean professional kitchen, all prepped and ready for your team to get to work. You can see some of our results below!

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Contact Grease Gone Commercial Cleaning London for your next deep cleaning service. We help London businesses with all professional cleaning services to keep their premises compliant. As cleaning experts, we hold BESA and BESCA memberships and adhere to the compliance guidelines fully. Our clients enjoy the peace of mind provided by a professional, highly-trained, and efficient team that offers incredible cleaning services and affordability every time. Additionally, we never use third-party contractors – instead, we train each member of our staff for quality control and assurance. Discover more by contacting us today.

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