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Summer is well and truly here, and so are the accompanying heatwaves that send everyone in the UK scrambling for the pool, seaside, or the closest well-air-conditioned venue they can find. Unfortunately, summer can also be difficult for those stuck inside, especially when the workplace lacks windows or has a substandard ventilation system. There are real health risks to this type of environment amongst other pressures on businesses during the summer months if your ventilation system is not up to par or exposed to the heat. These can substantially affect your venue, workplace, or home and the people using the space. Breathable air is the number one consideration for any building, and considering the summer impacts will help your company continue business as usual.

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What are the Risks

No one likes to be hot while they are trying to work. It makes for a miserable and slow work day, adding stress and other pressures that grind work to a halt. Then there are also safety hazards that may come from the heat. For example, a hot workspace can impair judgement, cause brain fog and lack of mental acuity, fog safety glasses blocking vision, or sweaty hands may make grip difficult. These can impact OHS standards, creating a more challenging work environment and increasing the likelihood of accidents. 


Unfortunately, many other more serious dangers are associated with overheated buildings and people over the summer. Heat stress, exhaustion, or heat stroke are all causes of concern as temperatures rise and can strike in any overly hot space. There are also concerns if a person loses too much water and salts from sweating in a hot environment, dehydration may set in. This can cause the person to become confused and dizzy, faint, or experience heart palpitations, amongst other severe symptoms which can lead to heat stroke and can be life-threatening, leading to death or disability. 

Add to that too the already stewing cocktail of pollution, chemicals, and other substances that already linger in industrial buildings or office spaces that are concerning at any time of year. These are particularly dangerous if there is insufficient ventilation or stagnant air lurking, as the risks associated are further compounded in the heat. Think of cooking all those elements together in an oven – that’s essentially what summer does to a building with ventilation issues. These can cause severe health issues in both the long and short term for people who use the facility. And if you have a sick building already, the effects are even more catastrophic on health and wellbeing. Short-term effects, even in summer, include a cough, dizziness, mental impairment, flu-like symptoms and, of course, more staff sick days meaning businesses will feel the impact. 


With all this in mind, it’s vital to find a way to keep a workspace cooler with healthy air circulating to avoid extreme heat and stagnating air that causes these issues. Overheating really can cause heat-related illness and even death in extreme circumstances, so sufficient air circulation and ventilation can really be a matter of life and death for your staff and company. 

Ventilation is Key

Businesses, venues, and homes must have a ventilation system that works well and to full capacity, especially in the summer heat. The installation of an industrial ventilation control system will help reduce indoor temperatures while cleaning and recirculating air – or by bringing clean air in and removing old, stagnant air. A ventilation system is the lungs of a building, and its function in summer and beyond will determine staff health and productivity. 

A well-functioning ventilation system stops building users from inhaling high Co2-laden air that contains chemicals, odours, toxins, or pollutants lurking in the building while also cooling the space. This is so important in the heat, which often activates building materials to release fumes and other catalysts for poor health. A healthy ventilation system also helps people concentrate and work well because they don’t feel stifled and overheated in the work environment. 

An additional bonus is that virus droplets, including COVID that may hang in the air, are also eliminated in a cleansing ventilation system, which reduces cross-contamination and illness. A good quality and functional ventilation system indeed does it all. 

Need Help With Your Ventilation System Cleaning?


Ventilation system cleaning is a specialised and complicated job, so your business will need a professional cleaner to do it right with no part of the system being left out. A professional can also inspect for any damage or issues, schedule pest removal, and professionally treat for mould and mildew. To help keep your space breathable in summer and all year round, contact Grease Gone Commercial Cleaning London for a ventilation cleaning quote or more information on how we can help. 

Ventilation System Cleaning

Regular cleaning is essential for your ventilation system’s health and longevity, and unfortunately, it’s not as simple as installing the system and never looking at it again. A dirty system adds its own health risks, which are often exponentially worse in summer as the grime and debris stew in the heat. Think rodent droppings and nesting remnants, mildew, mould, dust, bacteria, and fungal blooms marinating and contaminating the entire system. Pretty disgusting when you think about it. Add to that the building pollutants that are built into the paint, ceilings, and floorcoverings adding into the mix. It’s a recipe for a summer disaster. So it all boils down to the necessity of regularly cleaning the building ventilation system to do its job correctly and make the air clean and breathable for all. 

Additionally, government legislation prescribed an annual professional clean at the minimum, with others suggesting its best to clean every three to six months to maintain a safe and healthy system. We would recommend more cleaning, not just because it’s our job! A clean environment and building lungs working to full capacity make business sense as a healthy workforce means fewer sick days and time off that will affect your business’s bottom line.

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