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SFG20 is an essential maintenance tool for facilities and building management used widely throughout many industries across the UK. The compliance-related management system was initially started in 1990 by the Building Engineering Services Association (BESA), which oversees regulation and compliance. SFG20 is designed to set the bar for industry-standard building maintenance by providing clear guidelines and systems for businesses and buildings to follow.

Today the SFG20 system is a web-based service that offers many features and benefits for users. These include an ever-expanding library of thousands of maintenance schedules for an array of equipment types that is easy to access and implement. In addition, the system provides a series of planned preventative maintenance (PPM) measures that can help to avoid any issues becoming an emergency and lead companies to rely on reactive maintenance measures after a problem occurs. That’s usually when things have gone really wrong and may be more costly and time-consuming to repair. 

To help expand your understanding of the system if you’re new to all this, we’ve added some information below to help get you started. This guide will help you understand SFG20 and how it can assist your building or business preserve the most efficient Building Facilities Management possible. 

Sfg 20 - Building Facilities Guide

What is SFG20?

SFG20 is an industry-standard system for building care and maintaining systems to a high standard while fulfilling all legalities required. It allows you and your company to develop and customise maintenance schedules that stay up-to-date with changing legislation requirements. The inbuilt library helps manage this information, making it easily accessible and implementable. The library also dynamically changes regularly to reflect new regulations, like updates to fire damper testing and health and safety guidance allowing automated updates to the information the system provides the user. 

There is also seemingly endless functionality to help build and maintain efficient maintenance that is tailored to each building. Within the system, you are able to personalise to create custom maintenance schedules designed to support all areas of compliance while saving time and money. Priorities are colour-coded, so you can quickly identify which tasks are statutory, mandatory, critical, or discretionary. This allows buildings to operate and be cared for more efficiently and means you can optimise asset upkeep leading to equipment and strategies to keep the building and everything in it up and running to its entire lifespan. You can also identify team skill sets and shortages to identify areas of shortfall and hire those best for the job based on the data provided by the system. It takes maintenance and adhering to legal requirements that are much more straightforward.

Benefits of SFG20

As mentioned, SFG20 is a unique industry tool that provides maintenance scheduling with push information adapted to each user’s requirements. It also allows custom maintenance schedules to suit the individual needs of a specific building, project or site. It can also create pitches and tender opportunities and, on receiving applications, respond to tenders. Auditing and the management of existing contracts can also all be done from within the system. Timely servicing reduces unexpected breakdowns, minimising repair costs and extending equipment life. In addition, creating schedules in a spreadsheet can be daunting, so a fully equipped system makes sense so it can all be handled for you. 


What Do the Maintenance Schedules Include?


Schedules help you keep up with all your legal requirements, making them easy to keep up with and never letting one slip by. They have extensive functionality, including a full task breakdown that maintains each asset and the frequency at which each task should be performed while identifying the required skills. It can also cover the following:

  • How often an allocated team must complete a job to help avoid over or under-maintenance along with initial team allocation in the first place.
  • Determination of the skills or team required for the job and if there are any specialised tech, equipment, or PPE needed for the allocated maintenance job. This will save service teams time and organisation.
  • How critical the task is for completion. This is highlighted through the allocation of colour-coded ratings. These are used to distinguish between legally obliged workflow and optional functions that can be left until later. The colour coding helps prioritise tasks to optimise maintenance:
    • Red – top priority and must be complete to ensure legal compliance
    • Pink – mandatory and critical for organisational compliance
    • Amber – optimal to complete for best industry practice
    • Green – discretionary and can be done after the others
fire damper testing

Benefits of SFG20

There are many benefits of using SFG20, and no doubt you’ll discover more on your journey into creating efficiency and optimising your company maintenance. 


On-time Maintenance 

Never miss a kitchen deep clean, ATP testing or maintenance check again! The system will ensure you know what you need to do and by when every time. As previously mentioned, the team responsible can be notified so there are no communication delays or miscommunication. Efficiency is key. 

Create Cost-Savings

A planned maintenance strategy will help you keep your assets and equipment in top condition to reduce incidences of expensive breakdowns and repairs while providing budget oversight. 

Peace of Mind

With maintenance schedules that update in real-time, there is never a risk of non-compliance. Frequent updates also notify of legislation changes and the latest standards.

Easy Tendering

The system makes it straightforward to create custom maintenance requirements to put out for tender and bidding which helps workflow accelerate and gain efficiency. 


Grease Gone and Our Facilities Management Services 

Facilities Management is something we handle for our clients, and we use SFG20 to provide the best service possible. We offer full support in the maintenance and upkeep of a physical workplace, building, or company premises. Our services can include building and equipment repair and care, ventilation system upkeep and compliance, commercial kitchen fire safety, and so much more. Our services can cover a host of buildings, including gyms, warehousing, hospitals, office high-rises, supermarkets, government facilities, and many more. Whatever you need, Grease Gone provides first-class Facilities Management services while guaranteeing the highest standard of professionalism every step of the way.

Grease Gone is an Inclusive Workplace

Contact Grease Gone Commercial Cleaning London to discover more about our drive towards inclusion and diversity in the workplace. Alternatively, if you wish to learn more about our cleaning services or to receive a personalised quote, reach out to our team.

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