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As children across the country return to their schools, it’s no surprise that many educational settings are now wondering how to keep their schools as clean as possible, during a very unsettling time. While restrictions have lifted with school bubbles now being a thing of the past, COVID is still very much in the air, with warnings of another surge this coming winter, begging the question, how can any school establishment keep on top of things while ensuring schools remain a solid and steady environment for young ones during the forthcoming school year?

Today, we’re going to list the most important aspects of our comprehensive school cleaning services showing you how they could make keeping your school in tip-top shape, much easier.

A Regular Schedule Taken Care Of For You

One of the most important aspects of any commercial school cleaning routine is to ensure you have a regular cleaning schedule arranged and stick to it. This requires having a calendar of daily cleaning and more thorough weekly cleaning that you’ll ensure is carried out.

Here at Grease Gone, however, we can ensure your scheduled cleaning is carried out on time every time. What’s more, we’ll monitor your school’s cleanliness level each time we’re there and ensure your cleaning schedule is right for you, ensuring you get the best cleaning service and the best value possible.

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We’ll Tend To Areas That You Might Not Even Think Look Dirty

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We Know Where Bacteria Is Lurking

As a professional commercial cleaning company, we know only too well where bacteria lurks and it may be in areas you wouldn’t have considered. We’re fully aware of where the bacteria and germs build up and will ensure common areas and high-traffic areas are dealt with immediately.

Then we’ll ensure all touch points are taken care of, such as doorknobs, water fountains, restrooms, computer workstations, tables and just about every other area that may have found itself harbouring germs.

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For many cleaning companies, that’s precisely what they do, clean. Here at Grease Gone, we won’t just clean your school, we’ll sanitise your school too. Cleaning is one stage of our commercial school cleaning services. We’ll wipe down surfaces, touchpoints and just about every square inch of your school through each classroom, common room, cafeteria and more.

Once we’ve finished cleaning, however, we’ll then begin work on sanitising all surfaces with the help of our antiviral fogging services, allowing us to completely disinfect and sanitise surfaces within minutes. This can be carried out during out of hours to ensure all surfaces are clean and infection free for students entering either the following morning or the start of each week. Our antiviral fogging services also provide a very hostile environment for viruses making reinfection extremely difficult.

This thorough level of cleaning will ensure your school is a safe environment for both students and teachers alike.

Due To COVID School Cleaning is an Essential To Keep Students Safe

We’ll Provide Great Flexibility

While regular daily cleans may be carried out during school time or even overlap school times, we can ensure the more thorough deep cleaning as well as our antiviral fogging sanitisation is carried out during out-of-hours times. This will provide peace of mind that school timetables will see far less interruption and better cleaning as a result.

We can even provide complete flexibility by scheduling your truly deep cleans for during term breaks so no students and even fewer staff need to be in during these times.

School breaks like spring and summer provide ample opportunity to give schools the most thorough of cleans, with all equipment necessary. From restrooms to food equipment and even locker rooms, every area can be tended to more thoroughly than during their regular daily/weekly cleaning.

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We’ll Tend To Areas That You Might Not Even Think Look Dirty

While some may look at a surface that ‘appears’ clean, here at Grease Gone, our teams take on every challenge and ensure even the cleanest-looking surfaces are still tended to. While they may look clean, we understand that bacteria and viruses can live on surfaces for anywhere between 24 hours and 7 days making it important to clean every single surface, regardless of how clean it may already appear.

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Having a professional cleaning company take care of your school’s cleaning, especially as children return to school and we head into a somewhat uncertain winter, will give you the peace of mind needed to allow you to focus on what’s important, delivering education to students who’ve already missed out on so much.

By not having your school facilities cleaned regularly and professionally by those who know what they’re doing and can provide the necessary equipment and cleaning fluids, you’ll find yourself facing rather large consequences. From low morale and poor results to much higher sick scores from both students and staff.

Professional school cleaning services by someone like ourselves here at Grease Gone simply makes sense. Create happier staff, happier students, a better environment for learning and safe space ahead of the forthcoming COVID surge with our incredible school cleaning teams here at Grease Gone, here when you need us most.

For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact our team today on 020 88663 413. We’ll be only too happy to help you find a schedule that works for you and your educational setting.

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